Essentials for yoga

Many of us heard about the benefits of yoga: it increases flexibility and strength, improves heart health and posture, strengthens spine and bones, and more. If you’re planning on trying yoga, you will need some essential items for your workout.  

Yoga mat

Even if you’re not going to do yoga at home, it’s still advisable to have your own yoga mat. It’s not only for hygienic purpose (you can’t always trust studios and gyms with thorough cleaning of their equipment), but for practical one as well — having your own yoga mat means that you can take it anywhere and practice anytime!

Yoga block

Blocks may be used in lots of exercises throughout yoga practice. They’re helpful for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. You may rest your feet on the block to stretch better or you can use it to keep balance when you cannot reach the floor.

Comfortable clothes

While doing yoga you should always feel comfortable and be at ease, that’s very important in order to stay calm and keep focus throughout the session. If your clothes is of the wrong fit, creates pressure or simply bothers you, it will interfere with your practice. That’s why it’s very important to choose clothes that fit you right — nothing too tight and restrictive, — and it’s better to wear something loose or stretchy for yoga. Make sure that the material is breathable and moisture-wicking; this way you won’t be bothered by sweating during the practice.

These are the basic things that you will need for yoga practice. Of course, you can always add something more, like a water bottle or a sports bag, but yoga doesn’t actually require a lot to have, so you can order this all these things online and start your yoga journey very soon!

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