How to choose a sports bra

80% of women underestimate the value of a quality sports bra. But the truth is, a sports bra is an essential piece of fitness clothes for women.

Everybody knows the importance of proper sports footwear. We do the research to choose the right shoes; we try different sizes and models. We also understand that one pair of sports shoes won’t last forever, which is why we regularly replace them. But do we approach the sports bras the same way?

Wearing the right bra is vital for your health no matter your sports activity, size, or shape. It reduces breast movement, prevents excessive bouncing, and doesn’t distract you from exercise. Here are two important things to consider before purchasing a sports bra:

Level of bra support

Sports bras offer three levels of support: low, medium, and high. To find the proper level, consider the type of sports activity you will be doing. Low impact activities are walking, yoga, or stretching. Low impact sports bras feature cup-less design and thin material. Medium impact activities are cycling, dancing, and others. You will need a bra that gives you a little more support. These bras usually come with cups and are made of thicker materials. High impact activities are running, aerobics, and more. The perfect bra will have maximum support. They are made with a defined cup structure and use less stretchy materials than low impact and medium impact bras.

Bra size

The right sports bra size is the most comfortable size. If the material wrinkles or bunches, the bra is too big for you. If the bra is cutting into your skin or your breasts are brimming over the top or sides of the bra, it is too small. Calculate your size each time you purchase a sports bra. Your body changes and that will affect your bra size.

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