Why you need a water bottle

We all know the importance of drinking water, and we all often hear a phrase “stay hydrated” or “drink 2 liters of water everyday”. Drinking water before, during and after your workout is also a vital part of safe exercise routine; it prevents dehydration which may occur during intense workouts, when you sweat out more water than you’ve consumed. The best way to keep make sure that you always have enough water is to buy a reusable water bottle.

However, not everybody understands the advantages of reusable bottles, and prefer buying bottled water in plastic from the nearest stores. Here we will tell you about some of the benefits of having a reusable water bottle.

It’s cheaper

Of course, one reusable bottle costs more than the plastic one, but it will save you money in long perspective. Count how many plastic bottles you buy in a week. Then multiply it on 52 — the approximate number of weeks in a year. See? All this money can be saved simply by buying a reusable bottle.

It’s eco-friendly

We all aware of the bad impact that plastic has on our planet. More than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day in the US — imagine the number in the world — so why would you want to add yours to it?

It’s healthier

Disposable plastic bottles tend to release some chemicals into the water, especially under high temperatures. However, reusable bottles made of such materials that don’t contain these chemicals. And you also can always know what exactly is in your bottle — you control the water source.

It’s trendier

Reusable water bottles come in such wonderful designs of different colors and patterns, so they could easily serve as an accessory. Click here and see it yourself!

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